Decontamination Services

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About our Decontamination Services

With the further relaxation of the lockdown levels in the country, there have been several procedures proposed to ensure workplace readiness for this change. One such measure has been that workplaces need to be “deep cleaned” before employees return to the workplace following a confirmed covid case, as well as for educators/teachers, administrative personnel and scholars returning to school or higher education institutions.

Procedures for ‘deep cleaning’ and ‘decontamination’ may have emanated from the requirement published in the COVID-19 Disease: Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines of the Department of Health that stated “cleaning the environment is paramount” 1 and the procedure to deep clean the environment is described in the Practical Manual for Implementation of the National Infection Prevention and Control.

Key Benefits

We are certified

Our processes eradicate all viruses and bacteria (99.99%) and comply with standards and procedures as directed by the World Health Organisation.
We are certified


Our pricing aims to give you maximum benefit without compromising on quality and safety.

Safeguard or Protected

Our staff are protected with all relevant PPE and private transportation to and from your site or business. These measures ensure their safety and help prevent cross-contamination on, and between assignments.
Safeguard and Protected

Commercial Hygiene Services Include


Specialised Equipment (SG 5/5 – heat steam); Sodium Hypochlorite chemicals which are recommended before bio-fogging procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Genetic changes to the virus do not impact the efficacy of disinfectants. Viruses can be killed by disinfectants because of their basic physical properties, and the mutations to SARS-CoV-2 have not changed these physical features.

Decontamination is a cleaning process that decreases antimicrobial elements on surfaces. General decontamination kills some bacteria and fungi while deactivating viruses. Sterilization kills all microorganisms, viruses, and bacterial spores.

Following a suspected COVID-19 case, it is highly recommended that you immediately appoint the services of professional decontamination and serialisation contractor to ensure your workplace remains safe for all employees and customers.

This is largely dependent on the size or the workplace, workspaces and number of stations within this space. Contact us now for a complimentary assessment.