Access Control

Access control is vital and one of the first points for visible security for your business or property. Our security officers not only control access to your property, providing peace of mind but also act as your customer service ambassadors. Key functions of our security personnel include surveillance of your property and regular patrolling for early detection of vandalism, theft, trespassing and more.

Advanced System Integration

We partner with highly reputable digital system providers to ensure the latest in technological security products are at your fingertips. All our technology are automated and cloud-based to allow us to streamline essential processes in real-time.

Guarding and Patrol Management

Our system capabilities also ensure that our Century City-based, 24-hour control room team, together with our inspectors, provide live Guard Patrol Monitoring of security officers. It also allows secure and unlimited communication with all personnel, guaranteeing improved response times. An Individual Standard Operations Manual per site ensures that effective operational procedures are implemented.

Site Evaluations

New sites are carefully evaluated by experienced and skilled trainers who determine specific needs and prepare work plans and time schedules.

Monitoring & Management

Professional training is provided to cleaning staff to ensure optimum hygiene, safety and equipment care. Cleaning staff follow the processes and procedures outlined in our Procedure Manual Operations and Procedures Manual with additional training provided to meet client specific needs. Our onsite schedules ensure effective operational procedures.

Equipment & Chemicals

Our dedication to providing high-quality equipment and chemicals is evident in the range of products we offer our customers, including Pro-Biotic cleaning chemicals. Our products are designed for all floor types and guarantee durability even with high volumes of foot traffic. All chemicals used are registered under the necessary government authorities and are certified in line with SABS stipulations relating to Chemicals and Disinfectants...

Rodent Control

Eradication of rats and mice from your business is critical to avoid structural damage to your premises or loss of perishables. Preventing the spread of disease is our key priority when assisting business owners. Preventative measures include the installation and servicing of tamper-proof bait boxes and regular site inspections to ensure effective infestation control.

Insect Control

Cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, termites, moths and other insects can wreak havoc in your business. Our extensive experience in pest control can help prevent these infestations.

Flying Insects

Our range of wall-mounted or ceiling suspended light traps offer effective control against flying insects for commercial premises, restaurants, wine farms, hotels and business canteens. Eco-friendly fly trap units provide unique, translucent UV technology, eliminating flying insects quickly and safely.

Save Money

Increasing recycling can cut your disposal costs and improve your bottom line.

Streamline reporting and information sharing

Our pricing aims to give you maximum benefit without compromising on quality and safety.

Enhance sustainability

Managing waste, water, and energy more efficiently are core components of sustainability. Improving your organisation's sustainability can boost your corporate image, attract quality tenants to your properties and positively influence employees.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Waste prevention and recycling offer significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Conserve resources

Reuse and recycling conserve natural resources including trees, metals and water.

We are certified

Our processes eradicate all viruses and bacteria (99.99%) and comply with standards and procedures as directed by the World Health Organisation.


Our pricing aims to give you maximum benefit without compromising on quality and safety.

Safeguard or Protected

Our staff are protected with all relevant PPE and private transportation to and from your site or business. These measures ensure their safety and help prevent cross-contamination on, and between assignments.

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