Hygiene Service

several hygiene products used in corporate washrooms

About our hygiene services

As a leading hygiene service provider, Koreserv delivers efficient, professional washroom hygiene solutions to your business. We offer a wide range of hygiene equipment and consumables to ensure that your work environment is clean, hygienic and safe.

Our commitment to the environment combined with cost-effective solutions make Koreserv your preferred and trusted hygiene partner.

Key Benefits

Site Evaluations

New sites are carefully evaluated by experienced and skilled trainers who determine specific needs and prepare work plans and time schedules.

Hygiene staff are trained and certified to dispose of sanitary waste in accordance with legislated guidelines. We ensure that you are compliant with the Department of Health’s stipulations on the collection and disposal of Femcare products.

sanitary bin in commercial building

Commercial Hygiene Services Include

Commercial Hygiene Equipment

Together with our hygiene partners, we take great pride in offering our customers hygiene products with extensive warranties and quality craftsmanship.

We supply and service a full range of hygiene products and equipment including aerosol dispensers, soap and sanitiser dispensers, hand towels, toilet roll dispensers and femcare sanitary accessories. Our equipment is available in black, white, satin and stainless steel.

Why use our range?

Our dispensers are quality built, making them sustainable
Our hand dryers provide energy saving technology while still being effective
All our products are recyclable
Most of our products carry extended warranties

Frequently Asked Questions

The Waste Act 59 stipulates that companies must have a regulated, licenced hygiene supplier to collect and dispose of onsite sanitary waste.
As an organisation, both you and your hygiene partner are liable for prosecution and hefty fines should it be found that your onsite sanitary waste is being managed and disposed of unlawfully.
For full regulations stipulated by the Department of Environmental Affairs pertaining to Waste Act 59, please click here 

Having a service level agreement with a dependable supplier that provides rental and servicing options for equipment is often more cost-effective. This also allows you to focus on your core business operations without having to worry about the hygiene component of your business.

The simple answer is yes. It most certainly does. Research has shown that ambient scent enhances the environment and experience of your co-workers. Scents also often become unique to your company identity. For example, in healthcare, lavender is used for relaxation and to create an overall feeling of trust. Some scents are also proven to improve the workspace, therefore increasing productivity and creativity among employees. Coupled with scent, other vital factors and improvements can be made to office layout and lighting, and have a strong impact on workplace performance.
Which scents increase productivity?
If you’re looking to increase staff productivity, there are a number of scents that can help you to achieve this

  • Rosemary encourages clear thinking, improves memory and energises the mind
  • Citrus: Grapefruit can help to fight mental exhaustion; Lemon is uplifting; Orange can ease stress; and bergamot oil can even be used to help treat depression
  • Lavender reduces stress and anxiety
  • Peppermint is energising and refreshing and can aid concentration and stimulate the mind
  • Cinnamon can help to fight mental fatigue and improve concentration

In a study comparing three hand-drying methods (paper towels, warm air dryers and jet air dryers at ultra-high speeds), scientists found that jet dryers dispersed 20 times more viruses than the warm air dryer and over 190 times more than paper towels.
Whenever possible, and especially in a public restroom setting, think twice before using the hand dryers, which can blow bacteria from the air right onto those newly cleaned hands.