Security Services

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Registered as a security service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)
Registration number: 1644183

About our security services

Koreserv has the required expertise and team to help safeguard your business, property and its inhabitants. We strive to provide corporate and property security solutions to diverse industries, including residential and retirement estates, shopping centres, commercial properties, education centres, and industrial and food services industries. Koreserv is a registered PSiRA member and gold member of the Security Association of South Africa (SASA).

Physical security measures are only as effective as the onsite personnel and the management team that guides and supports them. A successful operation requires initiative, resourcefulness and vigilance.

Working in close cooperation with your teams, Koreserv will become an integrated part of your business. Our services are complementary to your business or property. We partner with you on your security requirements to create a more effective and secure environment.

Key Benefits

Access Control

Access control is vital and one of the first points for visible security for your business or property. Our security officers not only control access to your property, providing peace of mind but also act as your customer service ambassadors.

Key functions of our security personnel include surveillance of your property and regular patrolling for early detection of vandalism, theft, trespassing and more.
Access Control

Advanced System Integration

We partner with highly reputable digital system providers to ensure that the latest in technological security products are at your fingertips. All our technology are automated and cloud-based to allow us to streamline essential processes in real-time.
Advanced System Integration

Guarding and Patrol Management

Our system capabilities also ensure that our Century City-based, 24-hour control room team, together with our inspectors, provide live Guard Patrol Monitoring of security officers. It also allows secure and unlimited communication with all personnel, guaranteeing improved response times. An Individual Standard Operations Manual per site ensures that effective operational procedures are implemented.
Guarding and Patrol Management

Management Systems

Ours systems also, accurately provide:

Time and Attendance Records
Leave and Overtime Payroll Integration
Stay Awake Monitoring
Panic Control (with direct links to your designated armed response providers)
Remote Device Management
Accurate Cloud-based Digital Patrolling and Incident Reporting
Management Visits (with a detailed digital report on matters arising)
Facility management
Concierge Services
Double Checkers
Dispatching and Receiving
Risk Evaluation
Remote Monitoring

security personnel evaluating security management system for site installation

Frequently Asked Questions

The below attributes are the vital building blocks against which we evaluate our security officers:

  • Appearance and punctuality
  • Having a positive attitude at all times
  • Knowledge of a client’s specific security requirements
  • Being an exemplary ambassador for our clients
  • Being an extension of the services our clients offer
  • Quick response time when an incidences occurs

Scanning devices and access control systems streamline your business by converting your paper documents into an electronic archived format, ensuring everything you need is stored securely and aids you in retrieving information quickly and effortlessly.
Our Digital Access Partners ensure that your information is not only accessible, but safely stored in line with the POPI Act. Our objectives for your business are to:
• Reduce all paper processes from your workflows
• Streamline business processes
• Increase efficiency and staff productivity
• Reduce your company risk
Please see the below information obtained from our preferred partner’s blog.
Digital license scanning pioneers, ATG Digital, addresses growing data protection concerns around collecting personal information at residential estate access points. The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) came into effect on 1 July 2020, giving all responsible parties (entities that collect and process personal data) one year to comply. This has raised a multitude of questions regarding what information may be collected at the gate among housing complex managers and residents.
ATG Digital, who have built their systems around POPIA best practices, share insight into the necessity and legality of scanning drivers- or motor vehicle licenses.
“For years, visitors have been asked to provide their name, cell phone number and signature (at a minimum) to gain entry into lifestyle estates,” says Ariel Flax, Head of Sales of ATG Digital, and adds, “POPIA throws these practices into question – but not for reasons one might assume.” Ariel explains: “Visitor registration is allowed. However, often the visitors’ information is handwritten in a book that’s vulnerable to prying eyes – and therein lies the problem.
“POPIA doesn’t disallow the collection of information. Instead, the Act protects people’s personal information by enforcing rules on what is collected and why; how it is stored; and, if shared, with whom and why. The answers to these questions must be made known to the owner of the information before they share it.” Having consulted a specialist privacy and data protection corporate law firm for several years, the digital access control pioneers spared no effort in ensuring that POPIA compliance is baked into their solutions.
Ariel: “Lifestyle estates, complexes and community schemes should not collect more information than they need to fulfil a specific and reasonable purpose. For example, protection (in the case of security) or administration (by managing agents).
“Features like ‘de-identification’, where unnecessary information that has been captured from driver and motor vehicle licenses is redacted, eliminate non-compliance risks,” says Ariel. He adds, “The system can be set so that the information is hidden on the scanning devices only or reports as well. On the back-end, you can set access permissions on reporting.”
When it comes to the retention of personal information, Ariel says that the ATG Digital solution includes a pre-set for data records to be deleted after a specified period – another requirement of the Act.

Koreserv is an accredited Security Service Provider with all governing bodies. These include the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, PSIRA (1188043) and the Security Association of South Africa, SASA Gold Class Member (999384). Koreserv directors attend all police forum meetings and ensure 100% company compliance.

It is a criminal offence in terms of Section 38 (3)(a) for security providers and their clients to contravene or fail to comply with the legislated stipulations that govern the industry. A first contravention conviction imposes a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 5 years. To review the full industry Regulation Act and consumer obligations in this regard, please visit our News tab.